Bernardino Zappa, L’Eco di Bergamo news

 ”Tampalini, an amazing guitarist. Two linchpins of the musicality of a guitarist are immediately identified with indisputable evidence: the preference and affinity with the literature of the twentieth century and an astonishing technical assuredness and attention to detail.

This has been evident with authority at every opportunity, the fluidity of the timbre, the variety of expressive intonation, often enhanced by a mutability just as sudden as it is flawless in the clarity of detail in the round.   He moved in this way from very intimate delicacies, with the sounds barely touched upon – those incomparable voices that belong to the six-stringed instrument – to the abrupt tearing out of harmonic and angular articulations from magical acoustic ampoules and on to a percussive use of the soundboard. Turina’s Iberian impressionism, the sophisticated dodecaphonic experimentation of the Swiss composer Martin, the restless frescoes of Castelnuovo-Tedesco, the intricate architecture of Ginastera, the late-romanticism revised according to new languages by Ghedini and finally the aphorisms of the English composer Walton, flowed from his hands with a truly excellent familiarity and dominion, admirable in their rarity.”